Most Pinned Matte Nail Polish Ideas On Pinterest

Pinterest is always a great source of cool nail art designs like gorgeous matte manicures. Check out these awesome matte nail polish ideas you can try on your next manicure!

Matte nail polish is always so pretty to look at. It makes everything look elegant and chic. They’re particularly popular on Pinterest, especially those polishes that perfectly match matte lipstick.

Even without embellishments, matte polishes make your manicure look perfect and put together. You only have to add some pretty rings to complete your look!

Most Pinned Matte Nail Polish Ideas On Pinterest

I’ve tried practically all kinds of manicures but matte nail polishes have always been my favorite! Whether I wear it with rhinestones, mixed with other colors or painted over with designs, the matte effect makes it look more attractive.

Aside from looking amazing, it also dries quickly! So you won’t have to waste too much time waiting for your nails to dry up. Check out these amazing matte nail polish designs from Pinterest!

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1. Aztec Gradient Matte Nails

How do you dress up already amazing ombre nail art? Add some Aztec designs and make it matte! Learn how to do this awesome design here.

2. Summer Matte Nails

Although it’s already the latter part of the year, those who love summer will never forget it! So why not wear it on your nails with some bright matte nail polish and symmetrical design? Check out this tutorial!

Check out Most Pinned Matte Nail Polish Ideas On Pinterest at

3. Chanel Quilted Nails

People will really be impressed with these nails! Not only are they matte, they’re also quilted! Plus the Chanel logo decal gives it a more chic look. Recreate this through this tutorial!

4. Matte Floral Polka Dots

I used to think that polka dots and floral designs don’t mix well but these pointed matte nails are too pretty to ignore! Making the flowers blue is also a great contrast to the lighter shade of the base color. Learn how to make this here.

5. Long Gray Matte Nails

These gorgeous gray nails definitely earned its popularity on Pinterest! This is perfect for Fall and for women who want to keep their nails subtle yet still eye-catching.

Check out Most Pinned Matte Nail Polish Ideas On Pinterest at

6. Plum Nails

Another wonderful Autumn color is this beautiful plum shade! Of course, it becomes even more gorgeous with a matte finish!

7. Pure Black

I definitely love black nails! However, make it matte and I’m dead! Hmm… I definitely need a black lippie for my next manicure.

8. Red And Black Ombre

Now that Halloween’s coming up, this red and black ombre looks like a great base for a spooky nail art! Learn how to make these here.

9. Golden Cut Up

You don’t have to stick to purely matte nails. This nail art mixed up matte nails and some golden sparkles for a contrasting effect. It also used one nail to look like the matte nail polish got cut up and revealed the hidden gold inside!

10. Pastel Pink

You can never go wrong with nudes and pinks. This pastel pink design with a gold accent makes your nails look so feminine and dainty. Isn’t it perfect for weddings?

11. V French Tip

I’ve shared some very intriguing ways to do French tips before. This V French tip looks even more intriguing with a matte finish!

12. Sparkling Gray

Matte gray nails already look wonderful. However, adding some rhinestones and crystals makes it even more elegant!

Check out Most Pinned Matte Nail Polish Ideas On Pinterest at

13. Blinged Out

Who says you can’t bling out your matte nails? This design surely didn’t hold back with its desire to become sparkly and colorful! And I think it achieved its goal with an A+!

Learn how to perfectly apply matte nail polish with this tutorial from HannahRoxNails!

Weren’t these matte nail polish ideas so cool? Getting matte manicures are great in all kinds of season. You just have to use bright colors for Summer or dark colors for Fall. Aside from that, you can also turn any normal manicure matte by using a matte top coat!


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