Super Cute Cherry Nail Art Tutorial With Intricate Details

Recreate this super cute cherry nail art on your fingers with this easy tutorial! Dessert looks and tastes better with some cherries on top and cute manicures are definitely no different!

Get A Sweet Manicure With This Cute Cherry Nail Art

When it comes to fruit designs, getting a cherry nail art is one of the popular choices for clients. I personally love cherries, not just because they taste good and are healthy for you but they’re also so easy to recreate on nails. If you love putting cherries on top of anything, try having them on your nails, too!

Follow these steps to recreate this super cute cherry nail art!

What you’ll need for your cherry nail art:

  • White nail polish – Essie, Blanc
  • Dark pink nail polish – OPI Nail Polish, Big Apple Red
  • Light green polish – China Glaze, In The Limelight
  • Dark green polish – China Glaze, Holly-Day
  • BMC No Smudge Topcoat
  • Thin nail brush
  • Medium and small sized dotting tool

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Step 1: White And Red Nails

After properly prepping your nails, apply white and dark pink nail polishes as base colors for your cherry nail art. Paint your thumb, middle, and pinkie nails white. You’ll be painting cherries on these fingernails.

The rest of your nails will be getting a red base. Instead of the cherries, you’ll be making cute polka dots on these nails.

Step 2: Start With Stems

Before going all out on those ripe cherries, start with the stems. Using a fine nail brush, paint the light green cherry stems on the edges of the white-colored nails.

Step 3: It’s Cherry Time

Now on to the cherries! With a medium-sized dotting tool, make small red circles on the stems. Make sure that you place it on the inner side of your nails.

Step 4: Do The Polka

Using a small dotting tool, make a line of dots in the middle of your dark pink-based nails. Make sure to leave some space in between each dot. Next, apply the dots on the side of the first row. Line the new series of dots with the spaces in between the middle row. Follow this step on the other side of the nail until you’ve got a nice polka dot design going.

Check out Super Cute Cherry Nail Art Tutorial With Intricate Details at

Step 5: Add Highlights

To give your cherries some depth, add highlights on them! Use a darker shade of green to emphasize the stems. Meanwhile, putting a small white patch on the cherries make them look delectable and almost real. You can also add leaves around the nails.

Finished product! After securing the design with a fast drying topcoat, your cherry nail is ready to be shown off to your friends.

Check out the full cherry nail art tutorial by LifeWorldWomen – DIY – EasyNailArtDesigns here.


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