DIY is a way of life at my house and after the turn of the New Year I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to get all nooks and crannies of my home into tip-top organizational shape and that includes my kitchen and bathroom counters, especially my kitchen and bathroom counters, lol. So when I saw this excellent DIY Basket organizer idea on Youtube made with simple cheap items I could purchase at Dollar Tree, I knew I was on to a winner! I couldn’t wait to make this gorgeous basket organizer, so I went immediately to Dollar Tree and got my materials I didn’t have, then rounded up the materials in the house that I already had to make this DIY project: 1 plastic container with handles, a spool of jute rope twine, a pillowcase and of course last but not least, y trusty glue gun that gets me through too many things to name. I started by surrounding my Dollar Tree plastic container with the rope twine, gluing the twine down intermittently, be mindful you don’t waste too much glue because it really doesn’t require a lot, you are fine gluing about every third row. I didn’t go all the way to the top with my jute rope twine because the pillowcase will cover that part.

Try a new storage idea by  make an easy quick cheap DIY storage basket with Dollar Tree Items

Then you just gently lay your pillowcase inside folding at the bottom, seriously, no gluing, just lay it in.

Learn to make a storage basket idea with cheap items from Dollar Tree

This basket turned out so beautifully, I used it on my kitchen counter as a bread basket and I’m making another one for the bathroom to hold towels. This is one super DIY that does not disappoint.


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