I just love what this clever gal makes in the tutorial I’m sharing with you today…hope you do too!

I think every home needs a little rustic charm added to it and this is the perfect addition. It couldn’t be any easier and it’s so inexpensive to do too! The best kind of DIY project, right?

What do you think of the latest burlap trend? I’m personally loving it at the moment. Growing up, my dad always had burlap sacks full of stuff in our garage so burlap always make me think of him.

You can do so many different things with these blocks! I’m going to show you how I she makes the word  “Family”.

Burlap Transfer Letter

I actually saw this same project on sale for $80 on Pinterest right before I started writing this post and thought, boy, howdy, talk about saving some money! You see this is why I’m all about DIY projects!

The really cool thing about this project is that you can do any words you want and display them any way you want! I also saw these done with the blocks and glued to tall wooden candlestick holders, with a wooden finial glued to the top. So gorgeous! So keep this in mind when doing this project. These make the greatest house warming gifts too!

Momma From Scratch shows us in her step by step tutorial how easy it is to do this great looking project, so watch and make one for yourself and for gifts. Your friends will love them!


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