The guys in my house can’t get enough Jack Daniels and I have to admit, I really love having a nice Jack Daniels cocktail myself as well. So we always have a lot of bottles leftover and we’ve made quite a few recycled Jack Daniels Bottle projects, but no one in our household had ever thought of making a Jack Daniels Whiskey dispenser, so when I saw this Jack Daniels Whiskey Dispenser DIY on Youtube I was so excited I had to show the guys! My cousin who lives with us is a plumber and already had the basic materials needed so we all knew he was set to take the lead in this project. He started by getting his materials together:  1 (15mm) Pushfit Pipe, 1 (15mm) Pushfit Bent Tap Connector, 1 (22mm)-(15mm) Pushfit Reducer, 1 (22mm) Straight Connector, 1 (15mm) Wall Mounted Tap, a wooden box or container, and a bottle of that good old Tennessee Sour Mash Jack Daniels Whiskey.

Then he just drilled a hole in his box and fit the tap inside it.

Learn To Make A Cheap Easy DIY Jack Daniels Whiskey Dispenser

Then he assembled his plumbing bits and cut a square out in the bottom of the wooden wine box then suck his plumbing parts in there.

Learn To Make A Cheap Easy DIY Jack Daniels Whiskey Dispenser

Then it was almost ready to go,  he just had to put the Jack Black in the top, screwing it in upside down.

That was it! He put it on the bar and it looked absolutely fabulous! We all could just walk over and put our glasses underneath them and get a refill and not even have to pick up the bottle! This is a wonderful project that really added a lot to our home.


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