I have to admit the idea of having a home on wheels, is looking very attractive to me because tiny home living is such a budget-friendly idea and making over an old cool truck so you can live in it is even better! I mean, why have a tiny house when you can have this which costs less and is portable, have home will travel! The idea has become more of a solidified reality since I saw the most interesting Youtube video about a guy named Nate, who converted a 1989 Ford E350 Box Truck into a cozy Boho living space so he could experience life to the fullest and really take his own time to decide where home was.

Nate’s Tiny Truck Home was so inspiring and he thought everything out in great detail

Learn to make a DIY Tiny Truck Home

Nate wasn’t going to worry about bills either because on top of his Tiny Truck Home is a 350 Watt Solar Panel that supplies power to the Tiny Truck Home, so right there you have huge savings on your electric bill, or lack thereof, lol. This little unit he installed himself gives his home all the power it needs.

The 350 Watt Solar Panel doesn’t take up that much room and it fits neatly out of sight on top of the cute little box truck

Learn to make a DIY Tiny Truck Home

Nate installed state of the art insulation and lined that with a very attractive natural Redwood Paneling coated with Lindseed Oil, which is a natural pest repellant and looks so warm and chic. He made all his cabinets by hand with inert panels housing decoupaged his favorite concert ticket memorabilia.

Nate’s Boho Redwood Wood Kitchen

Learn to make a DIY Tiny Truck Home

Nate also designed a Compost Toilet that rolls back to make room for a shower at the end of a hard day of remodeling.

Nate’s Shower and Compost Toilet

Learn to make a DIY Tiny Truck Home

This is such a beautiful living space and Nate really inspired me to do something like this, even if it’s just for camping.

Turn A Box Truck Into A Tiny Home


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