Learn To Sew A DIY Canvas Tote Bag

The two very best things about this DIY Canvas Tote Bag is that it is made using canvas from a canvas drop cloth you can buy at any Home Depot and has no closure so it makes a nice bag for shopping, it goes straight from purchase to bag! I couldn’t wait to make one for my shopping needs. I started the project by getting my materials together, 2 pieces of fabric, (one of canvas from your Home Depot Drop Cloth) and (one regular cotton) The sewing instructions are really easy to follow, you just cut out your outer fabric layer and stiff canvas drop cloth and start sewing. You can use softer interfacing for a Tote Bag you would just be used for transport, but if you want your tote bag to stand up on the desk as an attractive holder, use heavy fusible interfacing between your canvas and your cotton fabric. The fusible is also an option, but I find these projects go more smoothly and look better with a fusible you can iron right onto the fabric, it becomes a much more durable component to your project.I started by cutting a simple pattern.

Learn to sew a DIY Tote bag using a drop cloth from the hardware store

Then I laid out my pattern on the fabric and started cutting, fist making a lining, then making the outer shell and attaching the two together and that was it!

Learn to sew a DIY Tote bag using a drop cloth from the hardware store

The assembly instructions are also very good, tote bags can be tricky and the sewing method shown in the video is super quick and self-explanatory. I loved everything about this project, I think you will too.


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