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Lose 10 Pounds In 4 Weeks


Tone up and slim down in 4 weeks with this total-body workout.

How This Workout Works

What makes this shaping session the best 30 minutes your body can spend? “It counters the effects of gravity, which is constantly pulling us down and forward,” says trainer Adam Friedman, a Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute expert who created the “Lose 10 Pounds Fast” workouts exclusively for FITNESS. “Each exercise engages the whole body to burn more calories, plus targets your core to cinch your waist and straighten your posture.” Do these moves in pairs, or supersets, alternating until you’ve done three sets each. Aim for two to three “Tone Up” workouts a week on nonconsecutive days, along with your fave cardio to shed a size or two.

What you’ll need: a resistance band or a resistance tube with handles, a yoga mat.

Around the World

Targets: Upper back and shoulders

— Stand with feet shoulder-width apart on center of tube, holding a handle in each hand, arms by sides.

— Raise extended arms in front of you, palms facing each other, then bring them directly overhead.

Plank with a Twist

Targets: Abs and obliques

— Begin on ground in plank position, balancing on forearms and toes, body forming a straight line from head to heels.

— MAKE IT EASIER: Rest forearms on a bench or chair seat.

Cross Shoulder Press

Targets: Shoulders, abs, obliques, butt, and quads

— Stand on center of tube with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a handle in each hand, elbows bent by sides with hands by shoulders, palms facing each other.

— Squat, bending knees 90 degrees.

Washboard Circle

Targets: Biceps and abs

— Anchor one end of tube at chest level in jamb of a closed door or another secure place; stand with right side facing door.

— Hold handle in left hand at waist level in front of you, elbow bent 90 degrees, then place right hand over top of left hand; step to left to feel tension in band.

Punch and Row

Targets: Upper back, abs, butt, and legs

— Anchor one end of tube at shoulder level in jamb of closed door. Facing door, hold other end of band in right hand, arm extended with palm down; step back until you feel tension in band.

— Step right leg back so feet are 3 feet apart and bend left elbow to bring fist in front of chest.

— Lower into a split squat, both knees bent 90 degrees.

Quadruped Plus

Targets: Shoulders, abs, and butt

— Start on ground on all fours, pressing center of band down on ground with left palm and holding one handle of tube in right hand.

— MAKE IT HARDER: Start on all fours on a bench.

Side Lunge and Reach

Targets: Shoulders, butt, quads, and hamstrings

— Stand with feet about 3 feet apart, holding center of tube in right hand and both handles in left hand (tube is folded in half).

Dip and Hip Raise

Targets: Triceps and butt

— Sit on ground with knees bent 90 degrees, feet flexed so heels are on ground, and place palms flat on either side of hips, fingers forward.

— MAKE IT HARDER: Squeeze a rolled-up towel between knees.

— Lift hips about 4 inches, then bend elbows behind you and lower hips toward ground.

Trim Down: Cardio Sessions

The quickest way to shed flab is to turn up your calorie burn. Your mission is to break a sweat for 30 to 45 minutes three days a week — walk, run, hit the elliptical trainer or the dance floor. There’s just one catch: Designate one session your hard day, one your moderate day, and the third your easy day. “Take a day off after your hard day so you’re ready to give it your all next session,” says Friedman, who designed the interval workouts below to give you ideas for hitting each intensity’s sweet spot.

Session 1: Go Hard

Warm Up: Warm up for 10 minutes at an easy pace.

Intervals: Sprint for 30 seconds; recover at an easy pace for 1 minute. Repeat 10 times for 15 minutes.

Cool Down: Cool down for 5 minutes at an easy pace.

Calories burned: 114 (walking) to 275 (running)*

Session 2: Go Moderate

Warm up: Warm up for 10 minutes at an easy pace.

Intervals: Sprint for 30 seconds, then recover at an easy pace for 2 minutes. Repeat 6 times for 15 minutes.

Cool down: Cool down for 5 minutes at an easy pace.

Calories burned: 107 (walking) to 267 (running)*

Session 3: Go Easy

Warm Up: Warm up for 10 minutes at an easy pace.

Interval: Maintain a moderate pace for 30 minutes.

Cool Down: Cool down for 5 minutes at an easy pace.

Calories burned: 154 (walking) to 448 (running)*

*Calories based on a 140-pound woman


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