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Madonna’s Hard Candy Workout


Work out like the queen of pop with this routine from her hip global gym chain, Hard Candy Fitness.

About This Workout

You’ve got what it takes to look hot — and you’re sitting on it. For a taste of Hard Candy Fitness, Madonna’s hip global gym chain, we scored you the sexy, sculpting chair routine that the diva does herself. “I’m always finding new moves to give Madonna the lean, toned feminine silhouette she loves,” says former pro dancer Nicole Winhoffer, who trains the iconic singer. “This workout is a result of techniques that Madonna and I have created together; using a chair elevates the firming intensity in a fresh way.” Here Winhoffer gives you a peek at the just-released Jaw Breaker Chair: Dripping Wet fitness DVD, which features the same killer shapers for your abs, butt and legs from Hard Candy’s Jaw Breaker class that Madonna swears by. Work them in this month for a body you’ll L-O-V-E.

Swivel Hips

Targets butt, hips, quads

  • Stand in front of chair seat with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, just 1 inch from chair legs; hinge forward from hips and grip edges of seat with both hands.
  • Holding onto the chair, turn lower body to the right and lower into a lunge, right knee aligned over right ankle, as you pulse left knee toward floor 4 times; upper body should face forward as much as possible.
  • Rise up, keeping hands on seat, and turn to left. Lower into a lunge and pulse right knee toward the floor 4 times to complete 1 rep. Do 8 reps.
  • Next, pulse down twice with each leg and repeat 8 times to each side.
  • Finally, pulse down once with each leg and repeat 8 times to each side.

Lunge Back With Side Kick

Targets butt, legs

  • Stand with both feet on center of chair seat and bend over, gripping chair back with both hands.
  • Maintaining grip throughout, lower left foot to floor, keeping right knee bent, foot on seat.
  • Bring left foot up onto seat again, shift weight to left and extend right leg straight out to side, level with hip, toes pointing forward. Bring right foot back to seat and repeat.
  • Do 32 reps; switch legs (step down with right foot and extend left leg out to side) and repeat.

Knee Plank

Targets arms, abs, obliques, butt

  • Kneel on all fours on floor, facing away from chair seat.
  • Extend right leg back and place toes on chair seat so leg is straight. MAKE IT EASIER: Remain on all fours.
  • Rotate left leg in from the hip so lower leg is angled out 45 degrees.
  • Lift hips slightly and extend left leg diagonally back, foot flexed. Lower left knee to floor and repeat.
  • Do 32 reps; switch legs and repeat.

Toes Down, Heel Up

Targets butt, outer thighs, inner thighs

  • Kneel on all fours on floor, perpendicular to chair, and rest right foot on seat so leg is straight and toes point forward.
  • Lift leg slightly and rotate leg forward from hip, so toes turn down; tap them on seat.
  • Lift leg and rotate it back so toes turn up; tap heel on seat to complete 1 rep. Do 32 reps. (Make sure you’re rotating your leg from your hip socket, not from the knee down.)
  • Switch legs and repeat.

Side Sit-Up

Targets abs, obliques

  • Lie on your left side on chair seat so left hip bone is in the middle of seat (put a towel on seat if this is uncomfortable).
  • Extend legs out straight, right ankle crossed over left, and place left hand on chair seat and right hand on chair back for balance.
  • Use obliques to draw knees toward chest. Straighten legs and reach down, tapping floor with left hand.
  • Do 24 reps; switch legs and repeat.

Twist Dip

Targets abs, obliques

  • Stand with feet together 1 to 2 feet in front of chair seat, hinge forward from hips and grab sides of seat with hands so your body forms an L shape.
  • Keeping abs tight and inner thighs squeezed together, twist hips to the right as you lower left hip toward right-hand front corner of chair seat. Return to start.
  • Do 24 reps; switch sides and repeat.

Half Pike With Tap

Targets abs, obliques

  • Lie faceup in front of chair seat with knees bent and feet on either side of chair legs; extend arms on floor behind head.
  • Roll up to a sitting position, clasping or stacking hands, and turn upper body to right as you lift right leg; bring left elbow toward right knee. Return to start and repeat.
  • Do 24 reps; switch legs and repeat.

Single-Leg Bridge Up

Targets butt, legs

  • Lie faceup in front of chair with right knee bent 90 degrees, heel resting on seat.
  • Cross left ankle over right thigh, near the knee. Extend arms behind you on floor.
  • Press arms into floor as you lift hips until your body is straight from shoulder to knee.
  • Lower hips to within 1 inch of floor and repeat. Do 24 reps; switch legs and repeat.


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